Frequently Asked Questions

Following is a summary of some of the more common questions and inquiries regarding the Youth Call discipleship program.

It is a life-changing year of growth and service in our missions-based discipleship program with time spent at home and abroad. As you study and grow in true discipleship, you will mature as God works His plan and purposes both in you and through you.

The program lasts about a year (12 months). There is a period of Preparation (approximately 3 months), then a time of Team Building and Classes (3 months), then Serving and Ministering Abroad (6 months), then finally a time of Reentry (several weeks). For more information on these stages, click here.

You will be living and working together under the guidance of Youth Call leadership and an existing and well-established mission organization in the culture of the host country. In our past years of the program we have working in the countries of Uganda and Cambodia. In the future we will follow where the Lord leads which may include existing or new locations.

Upon acceptance, we will send you information on how to form a personal sending team to provide you with prayer, financial, moral, and reentry support. Contributions to Youth Call for your support are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

There are times during the week when you will be able to choose, within certain parameters, how to spend your time. But many evening and weekend hours will be filled by Bible studies, service projects, housekeeping, or other scheduled activities. It is important that you come prepared to offer all your time to the Lord for the year.

First and most important, is God calling you to participate in this life-changing missions-based discipleship program? Second, are you ready and willing to submit, obey, die to self, be teachable, strive to learn, and take initiative in God working in and through you as He is transforming you more into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ?

Applications must be submitted by March 15. Enrollment must be completed by April 15. Personal sending/support and team building starts upon completed enrollment. The Youth Call team will move to Twin Peaks, Ca the first week of July.

The program is open to dedicated Christian young adults between the ages of 18 to 29 as of the first day of the Youth Call program. Whether you are fresh out of high school, in the middle of college, working part-time or full-time, or taking time to figure things out, you are eligible to apply!

For three months you will live with other students and staff at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Twin Peaks, CA. You will be sharing a room with one to three other students. For the six months abroad you will live with other students, staff, and other missionaries in accommodations provided by the host organization. Youth Call and the host organization provides furniture, housing essentials, local and international transportation, and meals.

The total cost for the Youth Call discipleship program is $6,750. This covers room and board, tuition, school expenses, ministry expenses, and all domestic and international travel in the U.S. and overseas. You will receive training and materials to help you build your personal support team. Your travel to and from Twin Peaks, CA, and personal spending money, are not included.

You will be covered on the team's international group insurance policy for the six month period you are overseas. The cost is included in the total program cost.

You will, first and foremost, be accountable to God for all of your thoughts, words, actions, and motives. In addition, by enrolling in the Youth Call discipleship program, you are making yourself accountable to the Youth Call rules and guidelines as outlined in the Youth Call Student Manual and the Youth Call Team Covenant, as well as to the Youth Call leadership, teammates, and to all leadership of the organizations with which we work.

Yes, you are welcome to visit in person or communicate by phone or email at any time. However, an office visit is not required as part of the application process.

You can email us at You can call us at (702) 405-2321