The Youth Call program...

is made up of four distinct parts or segments; Preparation, Team Building & College Classes, Serving & Ministering Abroad, and Reentry & Integration. Each segment is designed to prepare the individual and the team to be able to move forward and be successful in the subsequent segment.

Preparation (3 Months)

Upon becoming aware of the Youth Call opportunity, the interested person’s first step should always begin by seeking God’s guidance through prayer, diligent reading of the Word, and obtaining Godly advice and counsel. After hearing God’s call and making the decision to move forward, the prospective participant will begin the application (2 parts), interview, and acceptance process.

Beginning to build a sending/support team will also take place during this time period. Building and maintaining a team of people committed to prayer, financial, and moral support is essential to the success of the Youth Call student. This will be accomplished through organized group and individual efforts that may include letter writing, special awareness and fundraising events, and word of mouth.

There are other things that need to be done during this phase; passport applications, doctor and dentist check-ups, preparation and packing, and logistical needs at home just to list a few. Finally, the pastors and elders, along with the church body of believers, will send off its Youth Call student with the laying on of hands and prayer. (Acts 13:1-3)

Team Building & College Classes (3 Months)

The Youth Call student will spend the next three months at the Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Twin Peaks, California, living, learning, and bonding together as a team with the rest of the students and the shepherding couple. Their days will consist of accredited Bible College classes, work service on the conference center grounds, homework, chapel, church services, and more.

Classes will consist of a predetermined and set curriculum including a variety of Bible book studies and topical studies taught by instructors under the Calvary Chapel Bible School banner. The students will receive college credits for the courses completed, for their work service, and for chapel. In addition to the accredited courses, there will also be various seminars and training focused specifically on cross-cultural service and living, utilizing specific gifts and talents, interpersonal relationships, and working together as a team.

During afternoons, weekends, and other times as needed, the Youth Call student will participate in a work/service program at the conference center. Duties may include food service, maintenance, janitorial, landscaping, housekeeping, or other needs that may arise on occasion. College credit will be given for this work/service program.

There will also be specially scheduled events and activities away from the conference center. These may include service and ministry at the annual Harvest Crusade, assisting at local family and youth camps, various outreaches, visiting and promoting Youth Call in other churches and more.

All that takes place during these three months is focused upon the preparation of body, soul, and spirit to be able to go out and make disciples in our own culture and beyond into the other cultures around the world, and to learn to serve and minister effectively as an individual and together as a united team under the banner of God’s love.

Serving & Ministering Abroad (6 Months)

After the three months of classes, training, and preparation, the Youth Call team will travel to a foreign country where they will live, serve and minister together for six months. The overseas destination may or may not be determined prior to the three months of classes and training. It will be a location where there is an established ministry already in place and has been visited, reviewed and approved by the Youth Call leadership team.

While living and serving abroad, it is the goal of the Youth Call team to come along side the existing ministry to help and assist in whatever capacities possible. Depending upon the destination, this may include working with orphans, preaching in the local churches, leading Bible studies, clean-up and rehab of buildings and property, witnessing among the locals, discipleship, music instruction, sports activities with the youth, the possibilities are endless.

Serving & Ministering Abroad (6 Months)

The direction of the team will be a joint effort between the Youth Call leadership, the shepherding couple, and the local host ministry.

Although the team will participate in activities where they may be split up, there will always be a minimum of at least three or more team members working together on any given task or project.

During the six months overseas, there may be opportunity for continued college classes and study, and there will be regular contact with the leadership team and family back home (see Communication & Visitation section).

As opportunity permits and the Youth Call leadership determines, there may be a short-term mission trip planned for a small team from the sending church body to visit the Youth Call team sometime during their 6 months overseas.

Reentry & Integration

At the end of the six months on the mission field the Youth Call team will return to the conference center in Twin Peaks for several weeks followed by their return to their sending church.

This begins the reentry and integration process. This process may take many months and will be quicker for some and take longer for others. There is NO typical reentry. Youth Callers will come back as changed individuals and they will be returning to a church, family, friends, and surroundings that have also changed.

The final weeks at the conference center will be used to re-acclimate, finish up any needed class work, and begin the debriefing process. There will be a closing ceremony to which friends and family will be invited.

The reentry and integration process cannot be rushed and will continue for some time after their return home. Acts 14:27-28 says that they need to share ALL that was done in them and through them, and that this may take a long time. A successful reentry is realized when the Youth Caller has integrated back into useful and productive service and ministry with the church, and the strangeness of being back home has been rubbed away.