Y.O.U.T.H. C.A.L.L.

(Youth Out Using Their Hands for Christ in All Lands and Languages)


To provide a missionary-based discipleship program for young adults that removes them from the current culture for one year and provides a Christ-centered environment in order to establish a firm foundation upon which to build their lives.


Young adults are being swept away by the assault of technology in conjunction with the rapid moral decline of our culture. The flood of relative truth, immorality, and electronic escapism that the world is advancing is overwhelming our young Christian adults.

Youth Call is an avenue of discipling future Christian generations by solidifying their identity in Christ, and culture proofing that identity, by forging it through missionary service.

Through the teaching of the word of God, through overseas missionary service, and by eliminating social and cultural distractions, our vision is to establish an environment in which today’s youth can both hear and respond to the voice of God.

By working with the local church building youth teams, it is our vision to raise up an army of youth and to lead them in a life changing, culture changing, world changing discipleship experience.


Youth Call exists to provide a bridge for today’s Christian young adults to successfully reach adulthood while upholding and magnifying their relationship with Jesus Christ.

Once firmly established, they are sent back into their culture as missionaries to reach their own generation.


As a young adult, and the son of two missionary parents, I grew up with a sense of wonder concerning foreign missions. When God granted me the opportunity to join Youth Call at the end of my senior year of high school, I was hesitant at first, but after much prayer God gracefully confirmed this path in my life.

I will never forget it or regret it; I have grown so much closer with God since then. I liken myself to a young infant learning to walk, though I am bruised and dirty, I continue to pursue holiness while holding His precious hand of guidance.

Now that I have completed two years of the Youth Call program, I can reminisce on all I have learned and experienced, and know one thing is certain: it is the moment when we truly desire to hear from God, and we cast our own will aside, that He speaks the clearest.
–Josiah Solis

During my time in Youth Call, God stretched me in areas I thought I was flexible, grew me in ways I thought I was matured, and opened my eyes where I thought I saw clearly. My second year especially made me realize the complete and utter self-dependence I maintained and refused to forfeit.

My prayer life was a pathetic compilation of items on an ever-growing "to-do list" I had made out for God, and my devotions were merely an endeavor to become more and more a "theologian," rather than precious moments spent in the arms of my Savior.

I struggled seeing the obvious difference between theology and intimacy with God, but God used my two years in the program to show me how dependent on Him I need to be, and break my heart for people to prepare me for a life of ministry to Him! While my time in Youth Call was not always easy, the growth it brought to my life is unsurpassable.
–Lyla Lapuore

My time in the Youth Call program has been an incredible blessing. God has used the program to change my life in the best ways possible. Before Youth Call I was lost, without direction of where to go in life, and I had no appreciation for the things the Lord has given me. Now I am a new man with hope in my heart and a newfound desire to make my life and the lives of others a blessing for the Lord.

In Cambodia I helped provide medical care for the Khmer people by checking blood pressure, giving out medication, and pulling teeth. I worked with the Children of Hope organization, worked at a daycare for infants who were fatherless, and even lead several bible studies at the Water of Life church.

Youth Call was an amazing experience that has made me a better person and disciple of God. I am eternally blessed for serving the Lord in an amazing country with an amazing group of friends and family.
–Alex Derringer